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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Reallusion iClone 5.5 Pro with Resource Pack Download

Reallusion iClone 5.5 Pro with Resource Pack Download

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iClone is a tool that uses real-time game engine technology to enable users to create their own machinima movies and, in our case, this is ideal as a pre-vis tool. With iClone Version 5.5, your character animation pipeline is finally complete! The New MotionPlus format allows you to easily save all of your facial, body, accessory, spring and constraint data all into a single MotionPlus file so that it can be reused and reapplied to other characters. In addition, you're now able to customize your own landscapes with the height map terrain, directly in iClone!

v.5.5 (v.5.5.3207.1) released 8th August-13:- Added: 64 bit version of iClone officially released.

- Added: Added .wmv(VC-1) and .mp4(H.264) output to 64 bit version.

- Added: Added iMotionPlus format (Contains Motion, Facial Animation, Visible, Spring and Sound).

- Added: Added Bake Constraint key (Including Path, Reach, Link, Contact and Look at).

- Added: Added Translate (Stretch) Bone option to Motion Layer Editing.

- Added: Now able to edit Height Map Terrain including Height Map layouts and textures.

- Added: Added the Level-of-detail Options for Height Map Terrain in Real-time Playback & Editing.

- Enhanced: Height Map Terrain Physics; added Collision Margin, Friction and Elasticity.

- Enhanced: Facial Creation Tools Enhanced:

Control points for facial fitting optimized.

Viseme visual quality enhanced.

Added animated tongue.

Updated interface for side-facial fitting.

- Fixed: Lipsync lost frames during playback if the audio length was over 60 seconds.

- Fixed: Added back Spring Effect for Gwynn character.

- Fixed: Fixed the lip keys to show "None" when loading old iClone4 data.

- Fixed: Fixed inability to adjust the transition length for Reach/Spring Key.

- Fixed: Fixed Insert Frame in project track did not affect the Animation Layer track.

- Fixed: Fixed iClone4 project tendency to use embedded textures as external textures, resulting in inability to find textures in iClone 5.

- Fixed: Fixed sequence image output failed in some special environments caused by hard disk space misjudgment.

- Fixed: Fixed Human-IK editing issues in iClone Standard Version.
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